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June 16, 2012

Life Can Change;Life Was Change


Hye readers! Hye friends ! 
Happy Saturday all

Masyaallah it has been almost 10 days I didnt up any entry in this blog hueeeee :( Time flies so fast! Agree enough? In a week, I got so many classes, reports to be settled, and now mid term tests. Really didnt get enough rest on weekdays. とても辛かった~ Sometimes I just feel give up for all these things but of course I cant stop in the middle with my degree unsettle right? Hmmm life have to go on even we feel tired, bored and bla bla bla.. NAD you got just half of your way to settle up these things, BE STRONG BE STRONG and BE STRONG !!

Yeah its Saturday and what do you all do today ? I got nothing to do plus its raining-non-stop from yesterday as an effect of typhoon:( So, just lazily at home and maybe I will cook something special today yaww ! :)
Owh, not in my mood of writing right now so just look at the photos taken 10 days ago :D

newly bought wedges. 1980 yen. the cheapest one LOL

Gold and Silver. I choose the gold one! Yeuuuwww!

Pusing2 kat kedai-catwalk ala2 models sambil ambek gambar.
Kat sini pon jadiklerrrr almaklumla kitorang tade kereta nak p ronggeng jauh2 huhu.
TADE KEJE punya pasal utk habiskan hujung minggu

geng sekepala-my housemate hihi !

aktiviti minggu lepas juga. basuh kasut kesayangan.

**Eksen semata je tu, belinya tak pon. Kah3!!

Okay done for today ! Happy weekend you all.
Tolong pergi berjalan2 untuk saya ye boley? huhu:(

Bye Bye Bye sweetyyyy <3



cik ery said...

wuishhh.syoknya!jeles tgk ksut cntek2 >.<

shiQin Az said...

comey! best nye shopping ^_^

shazika said...

omey kasut ten..tinggi benor. lengoh kekgi

Senorita Nadira said...

cik ery : tulah besh p try2 kasut hihi!
shiqin : hahah! shopping mestilah beshh ni more to window shopping:D
azie : tinggi tp sedap pakai.. siap wat gatih beskal lg wooo

paan kowt said...

ohsem shoes...bila la kita nak jumpa yer..hehe..jumpa kat kelate la deyh..bereh...

Senorita Nadira said...

haha! jom2.. marila rayo umh kito rayo ni:)