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March 27, 2012

Images Transform


nasyid mode :)

Nothing special to note and have nothing happy stories to tell.
Today feel like dont wanna do anything. Just lazily on my bed in my futon 
with a home full of mess like a rubbish ! hahah:)
Seronok jugak hidup macam ni..
Mode nak pindah rumah sekarang tgh kemas2 barang so rumah mcm tongkang pecah dah.
4 hari ni keluar rumah pagi2 buta balik malam terus capai laptop-naek katil-masuk futon
and tido dengan jeans. 
Perghh saikou !

Hmmm ape nak buat. Blog walking pon malas and aku rasa aku lah manusia yg 
plg malas di dunia ni...
Tolonglah jgn macam ni nnti sapa nak kawen dgn aku???

Owh, already watched Cinta Kura-Kura.
I gave 2/10 stars and aku menyesal tengok citer ni.. Tak best langsunggggggg !! :((

Lately, i'm soooooooooo in love with Picnic Online Photo Editor.
Just so you know that picnic will shut down on the middle of April and now
the premium tools are all free!
Ape lagi gunalah sementara peluang masih ade hahaha.
Parts i love the most are blusher, lipstick, mascara and airbrush tools.
Try them by yourself and you will get your image transform quickly and easily :)
and these are mine ><

 Vintage looks. Love these

Wanna watch Cinta Buat Emelda right now.

Bye people, bye diary !



March 25, 2012

Kids aka こども

Assalamualaikum and ohayou minna !

Feel like wanna write something on my diary right now even its already 3:05 am :)

Yesterday-23rd march, went to Himegin Hall to celebrate my senpaitachi@senior graduation around 11 am.

adzuan aziz, khairunnisa abd jalil, husni yassirin and syafiq sani !

Then, at 2:15 pm went to Matsuyama Airport to pick up 2 new juniors from Malaysia whose will continue their study here in Ehime Daigaku 
and headed to udon restaurant to have lunch together.
About 5 pm went back to Kak Shytah`s home and again out to おんまく寿司(onmaku sushi)-a new, huge, delicious sushi restaurant to celebrate the new incomers :)
Love the sushi here but the desert is just so-so i think. Desert should be goes to スシロー :))

About 10 pm went back to kak shytah`s home-sleep.

Today-24th march, went to Okaidou bus stand to send nisa and her family whose going back to Malaysia for good..  
the went to LADKI-nan restaurant again and i hate curry because it smells stick to me from head to toe:((

I got something cute to show you

Meet Imaan Nayli Na..
Feel like my niece and shes still 6-7 months.
Imaan is Kak Shytah's daughter and her husband-Awe is working as professional badminton coach in ehime
he's the great one (anak buah Misbun Sidek kot metila power).
Takde keje hari ni, Imaan でだらだらごろん (daradara goron) hak3!!

Two lovely-funky girls are kak nurul's daughters. Met them at Gifu prefecture. 
These two girls are sooooooo cute and kuat berceloteh. 
First time jumpa dah siap peluk cium bagai time nak balik. Really miss them.



Miss my niece, my nephews at kampung...
Terima kasih ya Allah kerana menemukan aku dengan kanak2 ini..
Dapat juga aku melepas rindu kepada mereka..

Kids aka こども-kodomo memang penyeri kehidupan. Agree ? ;)

Gudnyte peeps 
and have a blast Sunday !


March 22, 2012

Dragon Steel and Outlet at Nagashima Spaland


Dear diary..

Already in Matsuyama, Ehime right now alhamdulillah..
So cool being in my hometown-my house, my bed, my pc and much more
Really miss thisss...
Well i feel a little bit awkward after a month and a week not being at home.
Why ? Adakah rumah kesayanganku ini dah merajuk tatkala aku bercadang utk berpndah ke rumah laen?
Owh nooooooo.. So sad laaaaa :((
This house really means a lot to me. Since 2 years ago, it really do nice to me.
Thanks micasablanca :))))

Guess what i didnt get even a minute sleep in car otw going back to Ehime !
Such a miracle.
We are driving from Gifu prefecture to Ehime prefecture about 6 hours.
Reached home at 4 am after having dinner|breakfast at Joyfull Restaurant.

Sleep at 5 am and woke up at 1:30 pm :)

When i was in Gifu prefecture, i went to Nagashima Spaland which is also in Nagoya.
Why is always Nagoya?? 
Its because Nagoya is one of the largest city in Japan after Tokyo, Yokohama and  Osaka. 
Nagashima Spaland is one of the largest amusement park in Japan.
What is sooooooooo cool here is they have Dragon Steel 2000 which is among the longest and tallest roller coasters in the world.
Also got another 6 roller coasters like Children Coster Corkscrew, Jet Coaster, Looping Star, Shuttle Loop, Ultra Twister and White Cyclone Wild Mouse.
Well I didnt tried anyone of them :DDD
Just go there for shopping kecil-kecilan at outlet but luckily nothing much attaracted me and i just bought a Levis's shirt for my beloved <3

This is my first time went to outlet.
Outlet got soooooooo many famous brands around the world such as
Gap, Zara, Coach, Prada, Gucci, Oakley, Levis, Adidas, Gshock, Nike, Billabong and the list goes down..
Sempat singgah semua kedai tapi hanya mampu tengok ajaaaaa :DD

Tudia draqon steel ! tinggi gila rasa kagum tengok tapi nak naek tu sorry la..
Tunggu 2 tahun lagi baru aku naek. nak kumpul keberanian dulu huk3

 my besties ija n ina

the outlet

macam2 Jepun ni !

 hueee menangis tak berlagu kalo naek bnde ni

 terbang abeh rambut semua

 bayangkan time ni kite duduk atas kerusi tapi dah jd berdiri 90 degree !
siap nk tergelongsor ke bawah. seram oooiiii !

buat alas perut

aktiviti melantak

gambar kenang-kenangan haruslah :D

Till then guys.
Kalo datang Jepun perlulah ke Nagashima Spaland ini.


March 21, 2012

Beriyani Time


Currently loveeee this song 桜咲く sakura saku

Food hunter again.
This time (18th March) also went to Nagoya for Beriyani and nan.

snapIT while waiting the food :)

beriyani yg sedappppp gila


 kak nad


the menu

tikka chiken
mango lassi 

After eating beriyani, went to Turkish Taste to tapaw Doner Kebab hihihi:)))
These restaurants are just near the Nagoya Station.

the restaurants details 

Address: Gandhara Restaurant
Nagoya shi, Nakamura-Ku, Matsubara cho, 1 chome, 49,
Nagoya-shi, , JAPAN
Phone:  052-483-4521
Directions: From the subway station Honjin take exit 3, turn right, again take right and you will be on Honjin Dori and it is near Nagoya Mosque.
General Information: Halal restaurant
* beriyani is just surve on Friday but you can make a call to order if you go there on other days.

Address:  Turkish Taste 
2-30 Torii-dori, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya
The original Turkish Food.

TEL:  052-482-8999      
Open: 11:00-21:00, Closed: Tuesday
Get off at Honjin Sta. on the Higashiyama Line. Take exit 4.
It's next to Mister Donuts.

I'm going back to my hometown Matsuyama, Ehime Japan tonight insyallah..
pray for me guys.
Till then.



Maguro Karaage at Nagoya


.... writing while listening to Ija's music banks in iTunes :)

Olla !

Wassup guys?
I woke up on 1 pm today- is it enough to cover my sleep time as I'm doing my part time job for a week last days? :D
Myself, my life nothing much changed since 2 months.
Mantain chubby, fatty, lazy as always. What a non productive lifestyle at all !
hate myself  :((

Since going back from South Korea last month, I'm staying here at my friend's place.
I think i've told earlier in my recent post..
Staying in Gifu prefecture which is about 6-7 hours from Matsuyama, Ehime.
Well, its a little bit board as my friend is not here.
Ija went to Tokyo last 7 days ago and she will be back maybe on 23rd March.
So lonely when she`s not here. Well you know she is the best friend ever I have.
I love you so much and damn missing you  :(
* takleh blah bila time keje tak sabar nak balik sebab nak Ija ! ini baru kawan sambut kite pulang keje kalo hubby sambut aishh taktau la mcm mana hahaha:D
tapi seriously, kami punyai banyak persamaan and she is the best the best and the best.

Okay just go on to the topic :)

Before my job started last days, I got chance to have a taste on Maguro Karaaga- which is maguro means tuna and karaage means goreng ala2 celup tepung.
Please dont imagine this tuna as tuna ayam brands tu huhu. This one is tuna yg ikan seekor yg belom diproses lagi..

We went to 鮪小屋 magurogoya restaurant which is at Nagoya Station.
What is soo good is this restaurant is just all about maguro. No vavi, chicken, beef, ham n etc.
Nagoya prefecture is just about 30 minutes by Japan Railway-JR from Gifu prefecture.

Everyone must try on the maguro karaage teishoku if come to this restaurant.


 so, this is the person i told you. IJA ! 

Ina and Ija. They are my besties in Gifu prefecture

Maguro karaage taste like ayam goreng celup tepung@kfc and its sooooo yummmehhhh !
Well you know we are here in Japan never ever can eat chicken outside because they are non halal. But when it comes to maguro karaage, anyone can't resist.

navigation to get there

Japan, 〒450-0002 Aichi-ken, Nagoya, Nakamura Ward, Meieki, 4丁目5−26
 +81 52-586-0356       ‎

have a nice day people !


March 20, 2012



Long time no see...
What a busy, hectic 7-days i've went trough.
Doing part time job at Ayaka Trading at my friend's place-Gifu prefecture, Japan.
Thought the job was a simple one but urghh i cant stand it even on third day working.
feel like wanna run away haha!

Now i was thinking that it was sooooooooooo tough to get 800yen in Japan (rm30 ++).
Deadly tired to get 800 yen for 1 hour working.
Working at the flowers company such as " bukker's stuff " which i dont really know what does it means LOL :D
But my job was - menggubah bunga utk upacara kematian, upacara melawat kubur on Hina Matsuri for Japanese n etc.
It was fun actually eventhough the first 3 days were damn so tough !
yelah 22 tahun hidop tak pernah2 menggubah bunga kowt hak3

I took some more photos but they are all in my phone and i got no memory card reader to transfer to my computer :(
only got this one which snap from my friend's i phone 4s :)

yeah this was the environment at my work. 
everyday we got to finish almost 1500 ++ gubahan bunga.
Bekerja sambil berdiri for almost 8 to 9 hours everyday.
Baru aku tahu betapa penatnya bekerja huwaaaaaa....
first time tengok gila macam rasa nak angkat kaki terus blah.
Our team got 5 members which was 2 mak cik jepun and 3 of us minah Melayu.
Mula2 kerja mmg lembap gila nak gubah bunga. tu. Rasa nak lari bila mak cik tu as SIRIM 
mereject bunga yg kami gubah sebab kedudukan carnations tinggi or rendah sangat, bunga lavender sikit sangat n much more :(
Tapi bila dah masuk hari ketiga- rasa dah macam pro hehe..
Thanks to mak cik cun naek kereta Alphad and mak cik sorang lagi :))
Jasamu dikenang..

and this was the last day working there with mak cik SIRIM :) - 記念写真です!
いろいろ、ありがとうございます。お世話になりました !
おつかれちゃん !

This is my second time doing part time job in Japan.
Hoping for the next job in future..
Ya Allah, permudahkanlah urusanku......

Till then,

bye girls


March 4, 2012

Here it is. My own online shop !


Hye my diary. Hye my friends.
Just wanna share  wth you all my own shopping online site 

dengan lafaz Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, saya memulakan bisnes kecil-kecilan ini :)

Just a small bussines selling Korean n Japan brands like cosmetics, skin care products, handbags, shoes, dress and others.
i'm just doing this because of my interest in bussiness and of course i wanna share wth u all
Korean n Japan products that i'd ever used and never use. they are all cute, high quality and totally FAMOUS brands cuma kite rakyat Malaysia aje yg tak tahu :(
i'd drop once at Etude House in Times Square about 2 years ago and i saw its totally different wth Etude House in Japan, Korea, Philippines and others. They're selling out-of-date cosmetics stuff:(

i' m doing pre-order shopping online so if you wanna shop online, please drop by on my page :)

Support me darlings <3



March 1, 2012

Welcome Back Nadira !


Yeay welcome back to myself into blogging world.
But from now on I am not going to call me a blogger anymore.
I am writing just for myself as a diary-as so much bitter.sweet life journeys to jot down :)

I am now at my friend's house at Gifu Prefecture, Japan.
About 10 hours journey by bus from my hometown Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture.
Well, I came here directly wth my friends after came back from South Korea last week.
(jimat duet utk tiket bas 10,000 yen :)

I am not going to go back to Malaysia this time. Syabas Nadira !!
Yeah everybody knows that I always go back everytime school holiday come which is twice a year.
Purpose i come here;

- want to lepak2 wth my close friends seems nobody at Matsuyama right now and surely i am gonna be crazy if memerap kat rumah selama 2 bulan huhu..

- going to do part time job which start on this March 12th

- wanna make extra money as I had spent a lot at Korea for shopping n etc. LOL

- biar orang Mesia rindu lebeh sikit kat aku sebab setahun kemudian baru balik. Heheh:DD

Hmm South Korea best sangat ke? K-Pop? Etude House? 

Will be update soon. 

See ya later dear diary <3