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March 16, 2011

Be Strong, Japan

Assalamualaikum ;)

Hye everyone !
It seems a long tyme kite x update blog kan..
semua ni angkara malas malas malas huhuhu
first of all, kite nk gtau i am save from the tsunami n earthquake disaster 
yg melanda jepun 11 Mac yg lalu..
Kite sekarang tgh spring break sebulan and i am having a good time now wth my familia..

Seriously, i was very shocked for the disaster happened there..
Luckily tempat kita study tu jauh ngn tempat kejadian iaitu Miyagi  Prefecture..
about 800 km jugakla..
and now, Japan is in trouble facing with the nuclear radiation..
Me always prayin for the best and hoping Japan can be strong to handle this problems..


I am pretty sure you can do it !!

And I guess some of you knew bout the issue  Berita Harian pokes Fun on Tsunami disaster aritu kan...
Seriously kita rase sgt terkilan.
Sbb ape?
Sbb because of some irresponsible Malaysian, we ALL Malaysian mendapat malu !
Now the whole world knew bout it..
Let me tell you something..

Kitorang students Malaysia di Jepun ni always trying tha best to keep the 
good image of Malaysia and Malaysian..

Its just the same for other students yg study abroad such in UK, US, Aussie, NZ n etc..
Disebabkan hal macam ni, kitorang yg akan terima tempiasnye nnti..
hueeee kite sgt2 terkilan la......


The moral of the story, lu pikir la sendiri ! :)

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