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March 16, 2011

Sweetie Bestie Luveee 21st Birthday Party ;)

Wish the Lovely Myself A Happy Belated Birthday 13thMarch

It was the moment of fog infront of me
as I have no idea, what it is or where it will be..
but it just leads me to walk to the fog...
and the excitement for not knowing what it will be...
make me live my life the fullest ....kisss kisss..

Each year is a new crossroads.  
New things arrive every day too: 
New poems
New stories spinning out of my brain.

kasihmu akan kubawa sampai mati..

a million zillion thankies to my family and all my friends yg wished me aritu
also thanx to sis nomiey yg sponsor secret recipe cake 
really had a good momentos on my 21st birthday celebration ! ;))

Lots of Love


Anonymous said...

HB tennad !

Senorita Nadira said...

tq k own! ;)

Anonymous said...

hye.. just found u blog.. ape title ur punya song dlm blog ek??? nak tahu plzzzzzzzz.

Senorita Nadira said...

ini lagu take your heart by soko..
best kan?;)