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February 5, 2012

Do You Love Korean and Japan Cosmetics Stuff ?

Assalamualaikum !

Hye just a quick update here.
I am planning to sell some korean and japan cosmetics stuff
like from Etude House, Skin Food, Meiko and much more.
and also shoes, handbags and etc.
What do you say?
Do you like them?

Its about 2 years i'm staying in Japan and I ALWAYS go shopping-buying 
cute stuff from Japan and Korea.
But I am much prefer buying things from Korea because they are quite cheeper than things
that are made-in Japan.
Yes, of course its because yen is quite higher than won :)
Ouwh about the price. Maybe mahal sikit la because from Korea and Japan kan.
But I will try to sell affordable-things :)
Yes i know. I'm a student too :)))

But girls, I just want to share with you.
Cute stuff are a lots here !
Kat Malaysia tade barang2 macam ni.
How can I not fall in love with these country, Japan and Korea ?

Rolling-eyes everytime go shopping.

For the examples..

Urghhhh you cannot say NOOOOO to these !!

There are all from Etude House.
I went to EH at Times Square a long time ago and its too small
and suprisingly, they're selling out-of-date make up and skin care products.
What a bias towards EH in Malaysia. Huhuhu..

I got so many things to share wth you all.
So what do you say??
Should I start this bussiness?
Give me support girls!!

Drop some comments okay:)

Got to continue study for next paper tomorrow.
Bye peeps. Thanks for reading. Bye2!


1 comment:

aini kadir said...

How about shoes and bags that u suggest to sell dear?