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February 4, 2012

Owh How Much I Miss You


Hmmm got no idea to write down.
6 final papers exam wth one presentation done
but still have 2 papers to go on.
I cant predict what will the result be
but one thing I know is
I Miss Him:(

p.s I'm planning to open one online-shop secara kecil kecilan.
Menjual barangan cosmetics, handbags, shoes and etc from Japan and Korea.
The price will be a little bit much higher than products selling in Malaysia
due to postage rate from Japan to Malaysia.
Plus yen rate is so high right now.
But still, I'm planning to sell something affordable and 
something cant be found in Malaysia^^

What dou you say? 
Should or shouldn`t I?
Please drop some comments :)

Thanks readers!



Adam Haiqal said...

nice idea there..

mana nak dpt supply dari sane?ade realtive ke yg dok kat korea sane?
klu ade,why not..mcm brooch dr korea,are the best around the world! my mum selalu beli brooch dari korea..try laa..;D

Senorita Nadira said...

owh really?? i heard that korean brooch are really awesome but never its the best around the world! TQ for ur comments and ideas. Ermm i didnt have somebody i noe in korea. I usually buy korean stuff by online market. Sometimes its cheaper than buying in the main shop like Etude House. I will try to find other way than. TQSM :)

aini kadir said...

Goodluck babe. I always support you..