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February 7, 2012

白猪の滝 Shiraino-taki


Hye bloggers comrates !
I'm doing very fine here. How about you guys?
Winter will be end and spring will be right here soon.
What do i feel?
happy, sad ?
Of course i'm happy !!
Spring is very suitable to living with,
Sakuras bloom, the sun shines, and the temperature will rise up to 15~20 degrees celcius.
Very cosy, comfortable for living, going outdoor and much more.

So, its the end of winter right here.
and i did my best to snap something memorable to end up this winter.
Let me share with you something owhsome.
Yesterday i went to Shirainotaki (Shiraino Waterfall) which is about
30 minutes from my place.
Well, its the second time i went there since winter on December 2010.
(which is a place i saw snow for the first time of my life :) 

Went there with Awe (a badminton coach from Nusa Mahsuri-working at badminton 
store called Hamanaka Shop which is a famous badminton coaching shop around shikoku Japan|also coching Japanese students for Japan and world tournaments )
and also with his wife Kak Shytah and their lil cute daughter Imaan Nayli Na.
For the first 30 minutes we get lost and chose wrong way which heading to Shikoku Karusuto-
a place like feeling2 New Zealand-with cows on green field.
But finally we arrived there and alhamdulillah we got chance to see frozen-waterfall.
Shiraino taki ni mmg akan beku pada setiap kali winter yg jatuh pada hari yg mmg sejuk gila.
Contohnya time ni malam sampai mencecah -3 degrees.
Dan keesokannya salji menyeliputi Matsuyama.
This is so amazing ! Matsuyama only got so much snow after 25 years !

sampai sini pon dah teruja? get to walk for 1km to reach at the waterfall

huh dah tercungap2 :(

500m ahead yeay !

amboi-amboi :DD

see how amazing it is 

its family portrait :)

Imaan was blurred because she just woke up from sleep. So cute !

kasihnya seorang bapa kepada anaknya..

air dari cerowong yg tak sempat nk keluar sebab terpause 

Time kitorang pergi ni air dah cair sikit. Tapi luckily ade jugak tinggal sisa2 nya
untuk kami berempat. Alhamdulillah :))

this is what actually happened on last Saturday.
the waterfall frost and the snow are everywhere.
I just got there 3 days later.

End of the story. Get to continue study for last paper tomorrow.
Wish me luck guys. 
Thanx for reading
Bye bye all.
Bye bye winter.
and hye spring & sakuras !



aini kadir said...

Teruja gila kn dpt tgk real. huhu. Best tak? Mesti sejuk gilak. Ermm sumpah kejadian tuhan ini amat indah!

shazika said...

mcm dlm peti sejuk ais krim. air nak kuar pon ter-pause :P

Senorita Nadira said...

eny : teruja gila sbb tahun lps tak smpat nk tgok.. thun ni p pon last minute nseb bek ada tggl saki baki lg huhu

azie : haa tahu takpe..mantap gila terpause sndri..

LittleGurl said...

imaan dah macam anak jepun!!! ;D