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April 10, 2012

Hanami Sakuras


* writing while watching 7 Petala Cinta movie
(citer ni tak best or aku yg tak menghayati ? hueeee )

Today is the last day for lepak2 because the school gonna be start from tomorrow after almost 2 months
spring break. Should i'm be happy or not ?

Owh yes i just got a very good spot for updating my diary.
Where is it? Lets guess ;)
Writing using my baby Vaiot in the front of my desktop@tv-on sofa-in the living room. Yeayyyy !
Harap2 memang aku rajin la nanti nak update hihi :)

On last Saturday, I went to Dogo Kouen for hanami (sakuras watching).
It was a last-minute plan actually but we did something awesome. We cooked satay and kepak ayam bbq.
Great enough for last minute plan right? :p

This is my third time for hanami since I am in Japan for almost 2 years.
What can i say is I do really LOVE sakuras. I really really really do.
Seeing sakuras trees for just a week in a year is something cool and awesome.
Japanese also go to see sakuras apatah lagi kite rakyat Malaysia of course we should enjoy it.
Lets check out some photos

Thats all for today !
Photos update only :)

Bye2 all
thankies for reading.


p.s more photos in my fb. do add me ya !


nurul ain said...

wah bestnya...btw, sis klaw bley taw sis download ke 7 ptala cnta tu..bley bg link x??

Senorita Nadira said...

best2 ! :)
owh kite tgok onlie streaming jer kt sini

The ShomeL TwinZ said...

bessttnyer dpt gi sner.. :)

Anonymous said...

Ada org ckp cerita tuh xbest. Huuu. Babe. U're soo goges.. Cemburu. Miss u babe-AK

Senorita Nadira said...

The Shomel Twinz: alhamdulillah.. rezeki sampai ke sini dear. Thanks to Allah:)

Anon: mmg cerita tak besh lgsung. huhu.. I miss u more darling. Hugs and kisses <3