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April 10, 2012

From Seoul, Korea with Love


Deadly tired 2 weeks of April :(
A lots of things have done and need to be done.
Already moved out from Kuribayashi Manshon- my old apartment and now i'm living with my senior in a larger, cosy, most needed apartment-----> Karora Heights
Really love this house <3

Gonna update my new apartment soon :)

My memories in Seoul, Korea about a months ago suddenly came across into my mind.
Yup i know that i didnt really make a post about Seoul, Korea as FL did 
but its enough for me to remind it  back by myself and then write to this lovely diary :)

Just a simple one about Seoul, Korea. I dont want to talk about K-pop, Korean artist, Korean food and etc.
Its about omiyage-souvenir :)
I bought omiyage for my mom, my sisters, my old-school friends, my besties and others.

But these are for myself ;))

Cute stuff always catch my eyes and for your infromation, I am white colour lover <3
and i do really love rabbit and cats ! 

pencil case 4200 won
wrist support time pegang mouse computer 5000 won
socks 1000 won

rabbit slippers for room 5000 won kowt

Target items
I love here Seoul Korea magnet fridge for Ehime besties and one for me :)
Korean chopsticks and spoon (cant remember the price)

Everytime i go to somewhere that i have never been, I MUST buy at least one omiyage.
I love travel and i love memories ;)
How about you ?

Goodnyte people
Happy Tuesday !


1 comment:

♥nurul♥ said...

comel sgt rabbits tuu hehe

btw,jom join sgmen ni:D