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May 15, 2012

Sweeety Pie !


Hueeee have no  energy at 1 am in the morning to finish my lab report. Huh what does it mean? 
Lazy? As always.. :(
Yesterday my friends and I went out for a 'project pop' which is AGAIN open a stall and selling Malaysian super delicious foods. It was held in Kuma Kougen which is located about 40 minutes from my place, Matsuyama city. It was an event to celebrate the opening of some interesting places in Kuma Kougen and the celebration was really really really beyond of our expectations.
There were 4 or 5 food stalls there but people kept coming buying foods from us. Dahla time tu 3 orang kakitangan je (me, kak wani and taha) , Picak wasnt there as he need to tawaf the kampung to see some developments made by goverments. Time tu jugak orang datang serbu siap beratur panjang lagi. 
Huiiii tak cukup tangan dibuatnya.. Bukan jual ape sangat pon.. Just cucur udang, popia goreng and nasi goreng. But praise to Allah for giving as rezeki :)
What was soooo good about the event is, the Japanese people (middle age, 60-80 years old) came to jjoined the event and they were so much fun than Japanese young people. And they even know Malaysia much much better than young people ! Believe it or not?
The event started on 10:30 am and end on 4 pm.
Owh gambar tak sempat nak snap sebab busy sangat :D
Just got these :)

Went to Emiful Masaki for tabehoudai-translate sendiri lah :D
Went back home at 10pm and tidy up my villa sebab dah bersepah macam hape dah time masak
Sabtu malan tu.. 

 Love the desert  here. Sooo delicious !

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