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May 19, 2012

Whenever You Feel Alone


Hey hey hey ! Hey girls ! Wassup today? Well mine was sooooo deadly busy lately. Dont know why i feel time flies soooo fast! Agree or not? Really fast as a week gone like a day ! Urgggg tak sempat nak buat ape pon wuwuwuwuwu.. Hmmm as you all know, I 'm living really fine here. Eating enough, sleep enough but don't feel like got a really really enough rest. Badan rasa lemau sebab lama tak buat excercise. Yeah i think i should start excercise from now. At least, 20 minutes walking around my apartment, wearing my Puma sneakers yg dulu kononnya beli nak pakai pergi gym tapi tak pergi2 sampai ke sudah. Or i should find a pair of roller-blade shoes? Yesss just thought about a new hobby. ROLLERBLADING. Sound nice right? I used to roller-blading 10 years ago when i was in standard 6. Reti lagi ke nak maen ni? Should try again. Why not? Ni Fatin la come on lah. Fatin can do anything Go go gambare ! So need to buy one as soon as possible. Beli yg second hand sudahh. Rajin time mula2 beli jeww.. Alah, korang pon macam tu jugak kan? hahaha:DD

Whenever you feel alone, what do you do girls? I should tell that I love to do many things. I do listen to musics but not really obsess wth musics. I just play my favvy playlists on or listening to radio whenever I feel I want to listen something. Thats why I cant memorize the lyrics naturally unless I do google for it or watch in youtube. And of course I cant sing and singing is not my habit apetah lagi my hobby krkrkrkT_T. Went back to a year or 2 years before. I got so many unpermanent hobbies! Yeah being so lonely here, I guess I need to change my hobby time to time according to my mood, financial condition of course and time. Yess time! Before this I love to watch or stalk people in facebook. Haaaa kantoi plak hihi:). I stalk someone that across into my mind or someone that looks pretty-and I need to tiru her style so I can be stylish as her too LOL! :D. Then when time flies a little bit, I`ve tried photo editing. I was really2 obsess wth it. I cant manage my time well because of this hobby. I learn photoshop and others and I can bear sitting on chair in front of my desktop for hours untill midnight. CRAZY3 !! Nak buat macam mana si dia tak ade nak teman.. Maen komputer ajelah aku 24 hours. BUT I dont like to play games. Strange right? Untill now I never ever try playing games in computers or somewhere else. Even Angry Bird tu pon aku tak pernah try! Hueee I should proud of myself kan haha:)

When come to one moment ni, I like to search for beauty. I do always search about health and beauty-hair, lips, skin, eating habits tips and guides. Nak jalani gaya hidup yg sihatla kononnya kan. Tapi semuanya hangat2 tahi ayam. Owh I also try to make over myself by make up-learn to appy foundation, eyeliner, eyeshadows, blushers and much more ! I love these hobby so much because it learns me to love myself. Cover and protect myself from shiny sun on summer and cold winter in December. Really teach me a lots! And now I 'm still learning :). Yeah got so many hobbies to tell and why not u guys tell me yours too? Sharing is good right?

And now.... Hmmm what am I doing? Dulu pakwe cakap hmmmm asek edit gambar je kejenya.. Skarang keje dok menjual pulak haahahah!! Yessss tengah start bisnes kecil-kecilan. Guys do support me ya :) Time flies so fast now and I really really cant manage my time. Ooooh so bad ! :( Classes start from 10:30 am and mostly ends at 4:10 pm.  So tired of lab experiments and reports hueeee...

Need to tell you this hobby A hobby I`ve never feel bored. It is snapping pictures of yourself aka camwhore yaw ! hihihih.. Sapa suke hobi ni sila tinggalkan komen ye hiiiiiiiiiii :))))

Al-maklumlah kite tak cantik, orang pon tak lalu nak amek kite jadik amek sendiriklah kan? Ok what?? Chill la babe like meeeee :)))) Sebelom tu singgah dulu ke sini ya

Will be more exciting because I will open pre-order soon for Hari Raya :) See you there guys!
Gudnyte darling. LOVE LOVE LOVE <3 Thank you for reading ;)

Owh my current favvy songs Buatku Di Sini dan  Harapan. Ost Seindah Sakura. Shuke sangat drama ni k byeeeee !


shazika said...

hye my gojes fren.. kuten nad bakpe sebbek gitu or

Senorita Nadira said...

hok ane sebbek?? biar ar sebbek2 pon tadop org keleh! aku jah hok kelehnyo..hahha!