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March 25, 2012

Kids aka こども

Assalamualaikum and ohayou minna !

Feel like wanna write something on my diary right now even its already 3:05 am :)

Yesterday-23rd march, went to Himegin Hall to celebrate my senpaitachi@senior graduation around 11 am.

adzuan aziz, khairunnisa abd jalil, husni yassirin and syafiq sani !

Then, at 2:15 pm went to Matsuyama Airport to pick up 2 new juniors from Malaysia whose will continue their study here in Ehime Daigaku 
and headed to udon restaurant to have lunch together.
About 5 pm went back to Kak Shytah`s home and again out to おんまく寿司(onmaku sushi)-a new, huge, delicious sushi restaurant to celebrate the new incomers :)
Love the sushi here but the desert is just so-so i think. Desert should be goes to スシロー :))

About 10 pm went back to kak shytah`s home-sleep.

Today-24th march, went to Okaidou bus stand to send nisa and her family whose going back to Malaysia for good..  
the went to LADKI-nan restaurant again and i hate curry because it smells stick to me from head to toe:((

I got something cute to show you

Meet Imaan Nayli Na..
Feel like my niece and shes still 6-7 months.
Imaan is Kak Shytah's daughter and her husband-Awe is working as professional badminton coach in ehime
he's the great one (anak buah Misbun Sidek kot metila power).
Takde keje hari ni, Imaan でだらだらごろん (daradara goron) hak3!!

Two lovely-funky girls are kak nurul's daughters. Met them at Gifu prefecture. 
These two girls are sooooooo cute and kuat berceloteh. 
First time jumpa dah siap peluk cium bagai time nak balik. Really miss them.



Miss my niece, my nephews at kampung...
Terima kasih ya Allah kerana menemukan aku dengan kanak2 ini..
Dapat juga aku melepas rindu kepada mereka..

Kids aka こども-kodomo memang penyeri kehidupan. Agree ? ;)

Gudnyte peeps 
and have a blast Sunday !


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