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March 1, 2012

Welcome Back Nadira !


Yeay welcome back to myself into blogging world.
But from now on I am not going to call me a blogger anymore.
I am writing just for myself as a diary-as so much bitter.sweet life journeys to jot down :)

I am now at my friend's house at Gifu Prefecture, Japan.
About 10 hours journey by bus from my hometown Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture.
Well, I came here directly wth my friends after came back from South Korea last week.
(jimat duet utk tiket bas 10,000 yen :)

I am not going to go back to Malaysia this time. Syabas Nadira !!
Yeah everybody knows that I always go back everytime school holiday come which is twice a year.
Purpose i come here;

- want to lepak2 wth my close friends seems nobody at Matsuyama right now and surely i am gonna be crazy if memerap kat rumah selama 2 bulan huhu..

- going to do part time job which start on this March 12th

- wanna make extra money as I had spent a lot at Korea for shopping n etc. LOL

- biar orang Mesia rindu lebeh sikit kat aku sebab setahun kemudian baru balik. Heheh:DD

Hmm South Korea best sangat ke? K-Pop? Etude House? 

Will be update soon. 

See ya later dear diary <3


spesispenunggu? said...

rindu awk akak comel!! hehe. upload la gmbr2 awesome kt korea tu.. hehe.. :))

p/s : kite ni stobericincau. blog dh tutup. fb pon dh tutup. jd kite boleh stalk gmbr2 cun awk kat blog ni je laa.. hehe.. :p

Senorita Nadira said...

stobericincau !!!!
rindu kat awk ptotlah lama xnmpak awk huhu..nape tutup sume blog,fb huhu kurg dah kawn saya:((
bnyk gmbar kt fb time sye p korea aritu..nnti sye update gak kat sini.. sye skang wat bisnes kecil-kcilan jual brg comel from korea n japan..singgah2 la eh:)