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March 4, 2012

Here it is. My own online shop !


Hye my diary. Hye my friends.
Just wanna share  wth you all my own shopping online site 

dengan lafaz Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, saya memulakan bisnes kecil-kecilan ini :)

Just a small bussines selling Korean n Japan brands like cosmetics, skin care products, handbags, shoes, dress and others.
i'm just doing this because of my interest in bussiness and of course i wanna share wth u all
Korean n Japan products that i'd ever used and never use. they are all cute, high quality and totally FAMOUS brands cuma kite rakyat Malaysia aje yg tak tahu :(
i'd drop once at Etude House in Times Square about 2 years ago and i saw its totally different wth Etude House in Japan, Korea, Philippines and others. They're selling out-of-date cosmetics stuff:(

i' m doing pre-order shopping online so if you wanna shop online, please drop by on my page :)

Support me darlings <3




LittleGurl said...

wahwah yunk! dah ade onlineshop sdiri. congrate ok! boleh la ni nak terjah2 :))

Senorita Nadira said...

sila la hehehhe :))