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March 21, 2012

Maguro Karaage at Nagoya


.... writing while listening to Ija's music banks in iTunes :)

Olla !

Wassup guys?
I woke up on 1 pm today- is it enough to cover my sleep time as I'm doing my part time job for a week last days? :D
Myself, my life nothing much changed since 2 months.
Mantain chubby, fatty, lazy as always. What a non productive lifestyle at all !
hate myself  :((

Since going back from South Korea last month, I'm staying here at my friend's place.
I think i've told earlier in my recent post..
Staying in Gifu prefecture which is about 6-7 hours from Matsuyama, Ehime.
Well, its a little bit board as my friend is not here.
Ija went to Tokyo last 7 days ago and she will be back maybe on 23rd March.
So lonely when she`s not here. Well you know she is the best friend ever I have.
I love you so much and damn missing you  :(
* takleh blah bila time keje tak sabar nak balik sebab nak Ija ! ini baru kawan sambut kite pulang keje kalo hubby sambut aishh taktau la mcm mana hahaha:D
tapi seriously, kami punyai banyak persamaan and she is the best the best and the best.

Okay just go on to the topic :)

Before my job started last days, I got chance to have a taste on Maguro Karaaga- which is maguro means tuna and karaage means goreng ala2 celup tepung.
Please dont imagine this tuna as tuna ayam brands tu huhu. This one is tuna yg ikan seekor yg belom diproses lagi..

We went to 鮪小屋 magurogoya restaurant which is at Nagoya Station.
What is soo good is this restaurant is just all about maguro. No vavi, chicken, beef, ham n etc.
Nagoya prefecture is just about 30 minutes by Japan Railway-JR from Gifu prefecture.

Everyone must try on the maguro karaage teishoku if come to this restaurant.


 so, this is the person i told you. IJA ! 

Ina and Ija. They are my besties in Gifu prefecture

Maguro karaage taste like ayam goreng celup tepung@kfc and its sooooo yummmehhhh !
Well you know we are here in Japan never ever can eat chicken outside because they are non halal. But when it comes to maguro karaage, anyone can't resist.

navigation to get there

Japan, 〒450-0002 Aichi-ken, Nagoya, Nakamura Ward, Meieki, 4丁目5−26
 +81 52-586-0356       ‎

have a nice day people !



NyssaSaad said... are one lucky girl..
take care dear.. :)

Senorita Nadira said...

thanks dear :)
u too take care ..