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December 26, 2010

My First Snow in My Life ! ^^


Heheh arini aku dah sehat dari demam dan segala penyakit..
Ni post laju2 sebab aku nk bersiap sedia untuk pergi bercuti yeay !
Haa.. arini mmg best gilerrrrrr..
U noe wat?
Today is ma first time to see n play wth snow!!
yup, now is snowy here and we went out there to find snow.
Owhh it is so wonderfull !
I feel like such in dream to see, to touch n play wth yuki ..
Seriously its fun!
Kenapelah kat Malaysia tade yuki huhuhuh
Yeay mlm ini aku akan off to Tokyo..
This probably take 12 hours by bus.
So have fun to me n moga I selamat pergi dan selamat pulang..
Pray for me guys ^^

papai and have a nice winter break guys !

and also HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011 !!!
yoi otoshi wo

p:s/ on Dec 26th at 19:29 i will off to Tokyo by express bus
      on Dec 27th 08:13 Tokyo-Mito by Japan Railway(JR)
      in da afternoon, Mito-Watari by bus.

      on Dec 28th at 9:00 will off to Yamagata ^^
      on Jan 2nd come back to Matsuyama, Ehime

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