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January 22, 2012


updating this while waiting for maghrib prayer and laudry to finish


Hmm what a barakah weekend i had this week!
My usrah sister-Kak Gee came from Okayama prefecture to meet us.
Kak Gee is our kakak usrah since last year and before this we just had usrah on skype.
But this time, usrah on darat :)
Thanks Kak Gee waza-waza (susah-susah) datang sini. Really appreciate:)
Some activities done such as pengisian from kak gee (tadabbur surah al-Hadid ayat 12-18, tazkirah,
watching Hindustan movie-Tera Zameen Par which tell us a lot of moral values.
You all should watch this movie okay! A very heart-touching movie ever :(
and of course we woke up early and did prayer together.
Owh, also had breakfast wth them! Eating nasi lemak and spaghetti ! Loveeee :)))

So, my weekend this time was berbaloi-baloi:)
Thanks Allah. Give me ketenangan, keinsafan.
Bimbinglah aku ke jalanMu ya Allah....

Tonight, i'm gonna start my study as final exam will be soon on next week.
Hope Allah will be with me :)

p.s  I am now making paw ayam. Harap2 jadik lerrr...

found this when i'm googling! Sooooo cuteeeeee !!

Will be cont after this ;)

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