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January 24, 2012

Talking About Winter & Cold

(tak jawab dosa, kalo jawab sayang..)
shuke dengar sis Maria Elene Greek cakap camni hahaha:DD

Hai Malaysian! (rasanya semua Malaysian kowt)..
So, how was your day? Mine was so-so la..
Did you know that my place was so damn cold today??
School started on 8:30am. Cycling in the morning was not a really problem to me
because i always woke up late and cycling as fast as i can so that i can arrive at class by 8:50 am.
(if u arrive at 8.51 am, u will be signed as absent:(

But when it turns to 10:30am, i feel like dying.
In class, my sensei didnt switch on the heater.
Biasalah orang Jepun suka berjimat cermat huuhu..
From morning untill the classes end, i cant stop myself complaining 
sejuknya sejuknya sejuknya!!

Yes its winter now in Japan but recently weather seems to be little bit strange..
It should be snow around last Christmas untill early of January but untill
yesterday, theres NO snow and the temperature also rose up to 10 degrees.
BUT last night and now, its 2 degree celcius!!
I am "$!%&* freezing!
I cant stand cold and its impossible to live without heater in my room.
When cyling back to home from school, i can no longer feel my hand and my face
as they are all frozen:(
In this cold winter, i always go out with maflas, gloves and boots. Its a MUST.

Wishing for snow then Allah makbulkan kata2 saya..
Alhamdulillah. Praise to Him.
While studying in the library, I saw snow trough windows.
Even it is just for a couple of minutes, its awesome. i loveee :))

Generally speaking, i cant say i HATE winter.Why??

1. its the time to take a good care of everything. moisturise my face skin, my body skin wth body shop's
body butter (awwwww! :D) and etc. Everyday is a MUST.
2. can style myself in boots, jackets, sweater although sometimes i feels like chubby and fat.
3. yg paling penting, muka jadi cerah cantik jelita hihihi:))

Tapi yg tak bestnya..
1. cant style in skirts, blouse, pashminas and etc. Belit pashmina cantik2 pon tak guna sbb
selalu pakai jaket huuhuhu..
2. cant wake up in the morning. i can sleep from 2 am to 2 pm hahah!:DD
3. selalu rasa nk terkucil. Urghhhh takleh simpan wuduk lama2. Dahla air beku nak amek wuduk..
inilah cabaran paling besar musim sejuk

Here are some winter-korean-fashions!

1. Cute mess with a positive outlook on life:
I’m the girl a boy will wake up next to. I put on this oversized sweater and my hair in a bun. I go in the kitchen and mess up boiling hot water. I can only wear oversized glasses too because my astigmatism won’t allow for anything else. I like holding props and giggling when the boy wakes up and his hair is sticking up. I also weight 95lbs and have great skin and hair.

2. Sweet and innocent and will make any bad boy a good one:
A lot of vintage clothing goes into this as well as wearing my hair in messy braids. I stare out windows because I’m probably dying of some crazy disease that only cute Asian girls get. Also, I have the uncanny power to turn a bad boy into a good one. He will break down in front of me and cry about how his mother never loved him and then confess that he loves me. Then, I will pass out in his arms and he’ll try to revive me, but the last thing he’ll hear me say is, “You smell like coconuts.”

3. Conservative school girl:
Dressing like this can only lead to one thing; possibly statutory rape charges. Although, I’m way past the age of consent, people would get the wrong idea. Conservative is a good look. Cable knit sweaters, plaid skirts, collared shirts. I can’t go wrong with that and most of my outfits look like that already. Although, there is also the possibility I will never get a date again since everyone will think I’m still in high school.

4. Woodsy girl who likes the outdoors:
I’m all about the cardigans so this fits me easily. I’ll just add a few men’s shirts. Perhaps I can steal a boyfriend’s shirt because I will look incredibly adorable in it. Also, I like play peek-a-boo and running around the forest in a pair of wellies and blue nails. I’m not very woodsy.

p.s which one do you prefer? Korean people so damn cute rite?

After all, i choose spring because the weather is calm, mild and easy to live:)

thanx readers



ridoma said...

hah baguslah winter, xleh pakai skirt.. pakai yg tutp aurt je tau hehe..

Senorita Nadira said...

tulah winter mmg bagos! dok lam umah pon berstokin bagai hueee..
ops skirt yg mnutup aurat lah. bukan mini skirt :D