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January 17, 2012

Chikyujin Matsuri | World Citizens Festival 2012 pt 1

Anyonhaseyo ! :)))
(tiba2 kat korea kan? hihi :)

Hyeeee! and apa khabar semua??
Huh i was deadly tired yesterday. I already mentioned in my previous post that
all Malaysian students will take part in Chikyujin Matsuri @ World Citizens Festival on 15th January.
On Friday, we went to market and groceries.
Saturday in the afternoon we cooked nasi ayam, chicken soup and etc.
(owh i made the sauce to perap the chicken hehe:)
In the night after Isyak prayer, we made ketayap.
Again i got my skill to made ketayap :)
Hahahha not actually the ketayap lah. 
My senior prepared the fillings which is sweetened grated coconut and the crepe.
So my work at that night was just cook the crepe which was just pour a scoop of the batter in the center of the pan and 
move the pan around for the batter to coat the side. 
And flip the crepe onces it is ready. 
Thats all! I think my niece yg 3 tahun tu pon boleh buat haaaha!
But at least i tried to make ketayap okay.

On Sunday
We opened our stall around 11:30 am and suprisingly,
people non stop kept coming to our stall !
This is the first time we joined this festival and this is so unexpected because there were a lot of
countries around the world joined this too. A nice beginning i thought:)
But actually we started selling all the juadah on 2 pm as well as othera countries food booth.
By 3 pm, ketayap was the first juadah sold out! Japanese seems like coconut so much because they
rarely use it in daily life plus japan also have no coconut tree huhu..
Nasi ayam was also have nice responds from Japanese people. Good job! :)
We closed our food and country booths around 5 pm as well as the festival closing ceremony.

Phillippines, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka ~


Welcome to Warisan Melayu Malaysia booth! 

*tiba2 ada 'anak dara' pakai baju melayu tgh bersimpuh maen congkak kan :D

tutup kedai sudaaaaaaa

friends of mine :)

to be cont tomorrow and will be more pics to be shared.
stay tuned i will bring your travel around the world.
Now everybody can fly :)

by2 and oyasuminasai !

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spesispenunggu? said...

jap2.. dh smpai korea ke? hehe.. mcm best je nmpak festival tu.. :)