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January 14, 2012

Rumahku, Syurgaku


Hye readers and oh hye my dear blog! :)
Hmmmm today was a fine day i thought. Maybe.
As you all know my class was just started on last Tuesday after a loooooong 17-days winter break :)
Today was also no classes because all universities around Japan
will be use for センター試験 (sentaaa shiken)
 | pronounced sen as cent and ken as kenny roagers punya ken |

Friday for preparations, Saturday n Sunday for the real examination.
So, we are NOT ALLOWED to step close in the school to avoid any intefere@disturbance.
The candidates are all 18 years old Japanese high school students 
which come from all parts of Japan. 
They will take this exam as SPM to enter any universities that they would like to pursue their studies
and if i am not wrong,
the students intake for new semester will be announced on February
as the new semester gonna be on April..

So, its gonna be 3-weekend-days ! :)))))
But my Friday was totally gone-i do nothing!
Just goyang kaki relaxing macam final exam tahun depan huhuhuhu :(

Tomorrow and on Sunday will be hectic day.
We will join International Festivals and as Malaysia country representators,
we are going to sell nasi ayam, keropok lekor, kueh ketayap and cucur udang.
Maybe there will be update about that so just wait:)
Oh gosh i hate this! I hate when it comes to teamwork!
Everyone seems to be selfish, buat muka tak puas hati.
But its okay. I think I can handle.
I promise I will just keep quiet and pretend everything is okay.

Assobaru Minal Imaan...

So what pictures to share today?
Hmm just wanna show my lovely house in Japan.
Just an ordinary Japanese house actually.
But its okay seems I am living alone so neva mind if it little bit small.
It comes with a room, toilet & bathroom (also got bathtub ok!) and also a kitchen.
I love my house I LOVE IT !

Nampak je biasa ni tapi kalo earthquake biasa2 insyaallah boleh tahan :)

Sorry, little bit messy ! :)

I got a lot of ideas to decorate my room but just so you know it needs a lot $$$$¥¥..
I just do all what I can do and theres it! The result! 
As simple as me, as messy as me and etc :P

Owh actually I already made an entry for this but it was one year ago.
This is the latest one. The interior design changed little bit not much.
Nak jadik interior designer tapi tak mampu :(

I rent this house on April 2010 and its about 2 years already.
The deposit and etc cost almost 10,0000 yen which is almost RM3600.
Monthly rent payment is 27,000 yen includes water bills unlimited which is 
almost RM1101 due to current currency rates :(
and monthly gas, electric, and phone bills cost almost 30,000 yen = RM1223
depends on monthly consuming..
This bills will be totally high especially gas and electric on this season which is WINTER.
I cant stand cold so i will keep my heater turning on for hours except when I am going to sleep :)
Nak mandi susah nak masuk bathroom, tapi bila dah masuk tanak keluar2.
Sejukkkkkkk gila :(((((

Mahal gila kan?? Ni lah Jepun kalo nak tahuuuu huhuhu..

I love my house and I promise will take care of it untill I go back to Malaysia on 2014 insyaallah..

Do pray for me peeps! Doa untuk saya menjadi seorang yg baek sebab saya rasa saya sangatlah jahat sekarang :(

Till then, love a lots !


p.s ops! i also changed my url for reasons.
thanx to strawberrycincau for helping me! <3

p.s susah gila nk tulis english! my vocabs are so limited bcoz i didnt brush on it for years.
terpaksa translate japanese vocab to english. damn my japanese ruin my english:(


ApiX eVans said...

braso nk tdo jh dale blik nie...buley kn auntie??? -_-'

Anonymous said...

supo nok g slalu denuh..

Senorita Nadira said...

apix evans : hom buleh blana eh nk tdo ko nk terlentang ko nk terak kowww..

anon : tak kire lah sapo dio ni tp ambo jmput jgk mari sini hahah

spesispenunggu? said...

waaa.. kayenye ad umah kat jepun.. hehe.. cntik plk tu.. :)

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